Just Keep Swimming

Alright just wanted to say to the nobody that follows me, Thanksgiving resolution def lasted 5hours… TV is addicting, end of story.

Thanksgiving’s Resolution

So for the next month I am going to try to completely 100% cut TV out of my life. In the last semester of school I have found myself on multiple occasions taking an hour to do a worksheet or staying up until 2 in the morning writing a paper, knowing I’ve already watched three hours of TV that day. Today, the madness stops, from here I’m going to test my productivity, how much can one really get done in one day when there’s no longer 5000 shows to watch and entertain ourselves with?

Exemptions include sports, real-er news then Stephen Colbert and I of course can still get on the Internet as long as it’s not Hulu. It was time to cancel my eight bucks a month subscription anyway.

Well, here I go, wish me luck my zero followers, should be UBER fun!